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International Year of
Ecotourism and the Mountains

Keynote Speakers
Simon Milne

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Programme Co-ordinator (NZTRI)

Associate Dean-Research
Faculty of Business
Auckland University of Technology

Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1020
New Zealand

Phone: 09-917-9999 Ext: 8777


  Research Interests
  • Regional development and tourism
  • Information technologies and tourism
  • Auckland University NZ: BA Degree 1983 (History, Geography double major) MA Degree 1985 (Geography, First Class Hons).
  • University of Cambridge England: PhD Degree 1989 (Geography)
  Biography Profile
I was born in New Zealand and have been conducting research on issues relating to tourism and regional economic development for over 15 years. I completed my MA in Geography at Auckland University in 1985 and my thesis focused on the economic impact of tourism in the Cook Islands.

I then went to Cambridge to complete a PhD in industrial geography. My doctorate focused on the impacts of technology and new management strategies on the corporate location and labour market needs of various manufacturing firms in the UK. For much of 1988 I also worked for the United Nations Development Program as a tourism economist in the South Pacific. I joined the Department of Geography at McGill University in 1989.

In 1990 I formed the multidisciplinary McGill Tourism Research Group, which I continue to co-ordinate. I remain an Adjunct Professor at McGill. In 1998 I took up the position as Professor of Tourism at Victoria University. The new millennium took me to Auckland University of Technology(AUT) in the position of Associate Dean of Research.

My current areas of research interest include: · improving the sustainability of tourism development in small resource dependent communities and large urban areas; · gaining a better understanding of the impact of new technologies on the tourism industry, and · analysing the changing role that services are playing in regional and urban economic growth. I am presently involved in research projects in the Canadian Arctic, Russia, Cuba, the Cook Islands and New Zealand.

  Publications: (since 1995)
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